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Wining Battles in Life

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Ways of Winning Battles in Life

From Exc 17:8-16, we could see Aron and Moses partnering with God to win over their enemies.

What exactly is a battle?


Battle could be defined as:

  • Simple fight between two people.
  • To work very hard or to struggle.
  • A hostile encounter/engagement between two opposing forces/sides.
Battles could also be classified according to their Types, methods and etc.


Physical Battles:

These are battles of life you know you are engaging physically. ie. Physical battles, where every action and activities in/of the battle are physical. My Prayer is that God will give you Victory over all your battles. In Jesus name. Amen.

In 2 Chronicles 20:1-4, three (3) Nations came to fight Judea, the King knowing that he could not fight this battle, sought a partnership with God Almighty for the battles; and God as ususal did not disappoint him.

Spiritual Battles:

These are battles that you do not see or know, but you can see the signs and evidences of such battles in your life or around you. (Mark 5:1-5).

Such battles are fought by the enemy against you (not in the physical, but in the Spiritual realm). In these battles, your enemies are unseen.

There maybe some Spiritual battles you may be facing, which no one around you knows about. But my prayer today is that God will deliver you from any unseen battles. But the requirements for this victory is that you must partner with God.

Some of us have fasted, prayed, but the situation still remained the same. Its time for you to understand that you need God to teach you the act of WAR – because He is the Man of War. (Psalms 144:1 – )


How do you / I win the battles of Life?


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