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Wives Submit To Your Husbands Or Face The Consequences

Submission to your husband does not in any way diminish you as a woman, but show your level of understanding of what marriage should be. Must Wives Submit?
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Wives Submit! Who dare say that?  The new generation of wives have shifted from the Rules and are carving out their own rules as it suits them.

Marriage is not a playground, it’s not an experimental lab, where many experiments are done perhaps under a controlled environment.

The Institution of Marriage has Rules and Regulations but with much room for varieties, while not losing the main reason for marriage.

Marriage is a Godly Institution and must be respected and loved according to His desires for us.

God saw that the Man Adam was lonely and decided to create from him, a woman who will complement him and help him take care of all His creatures.

This union signifies the first marriage and to buttress His love for marriage, he commanded man to live, enjoy, multiply and fill the earth.

When Jesus Christ came into the scene, His first supernatural miracle was in a wedding. Does this show you anything – of the importance of marriage in God’s scheme of things?

Well fast forward to today, many people have tried all they can to destabilise Marriage Institution and bastardise God’s words.

Surprisingly, many Churches are even standing the truth upside down as regards marriage, all in the bid to make their members happy and subsequent increase in the dollar bills that fills their collection boxes every week.

Here, Uche Ekeke takes the bull by the horn and admonishes wives on their duties as regards submission in marriage. Hear him.

There is a reason God admonished the wife to be submissive to her own husband. It is the same reason you don’t have two Captains in one ship and the same reason two rams don’t drink from the same bucket at the same time.

If the word ‘wives submit’ itches your ear as a lady, why not stay in your father’s house? Why make this innocent man (your husband) look like he is naturally wicked?

Stop pushing your husband to the wall, to avoid stories that touch the heart.” ~Uche Ekeke.

Wives Submit: What’s your headache?

On our part, it’s important to note that there are reasons why the Bible says “Wives submit to your Husband……” before saying “Husbands love your wives”. (Ephesians 5:22-33)

Submission to your husband does not in any way diminish you as a woman, but shows your level of understanding of what marriage should be.

In many Marriages where the wife feels she is equal with the husband or even greater than the husband,  such marriages always feels unfulfilled no matter the situation. Within the married parties, they will always know that something is wrong somewhere.

A wife can never get the complete love of her husband if she does not Respect, submit and obey her husband.

Now don’t get carried away by the word – Submit, Respect & Obey.  Where there is no love of the husband (due to non submission of the wife), the cover over her is  virtually removed. It’s no magic, there are consequences to disobedience.

Until the Principle of obedience and submission is obeyed and adhered to, the marriage will remain as live-In affair.

I know you are itching to say something, Now let me hear  your opinion on the issue of Wives Submit or Submission in Marriages.

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