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Your Dressing To Church Determines Your Blessings From God

Your Dressing says a lot about you. So If you are going to church, would the dress be fit for purpose? Would the dress not be a distraction for someone?
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I can see someone jumping up from their seat and shouting “What!!!’ what do you mean by your Dressing to Church determines your Blessings from God?

Well, you heard me right. Your dressing mostly shows where your mind is situated, where your head is located, where your intentions are anchored, etc. Each of us always dress for the situation we intend to chase, or for the occasion we intend to attend.

So how come you are attaching Church and God to our choice of dressing, and what kind of dressing are we allowed to put on to church?

Well dressing to Church calls for decency. It calls for an evaluation of why we go to Church in the first place. Your dressing speak volumes of your person.

Do you really want to be addressed the way you dress? Think twice. Buy a mirror if you don’t have one. Make sure you look into that mirror before you leave your house.

Ask yourself many questions before putting on that dress or while you are still having at the mirror.

If you are going to church, would the dress be fit for purpose? Would the dress not be a distraction for someone? Remember when Apostle Paul said – “whatever he does, he always think about the newly converted Christians and makes sure that his deeds would not make them sin (paraphrased)”

Of a truth, you cannot tell me that you do not know that your very tight dress that shows your boobs popping out like hungry puppies do not distract many people.

You won’t tell me that you do not know that the tight dress that clutches very tight to your body, almost displaying the linings of your panties and most times the orange colour underwear does not distract many in the House of God.

What is the purpose  of your Dressing to Church?

What is your purpose of dressing to seduce or dressing to kill?

And you, Brother that is laughing, don’t you know that  jeans you are wearing that shows all your scrotal sac/bag and the bulge of your manhood is a big distraction to many?

Don’t you know that the shirt you are wearing, that is showing off your six-pack, hairs etc is a huge distraction to many sisters too? 

Take a look in the mirror and for once, tell yourself the gospel truth.

The church is not a nightclub, and God does also consider the outward appearance and your motive of exposing His treasures.

Do you want to see examples of the Tight Jeans and Tight Shirts, or the half-naked dresses that many wear to Church? Ok, here , see them all here. – Tight Jeans, Tight Shirts, Half-naked Dress.

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